Privacy Policy

You share your personal data with us. If you contact us yourself or if we contact you as part of our services. We handle this data with care. This statement explains how we handle your data and your privacy.

  1. Who are we?

Sales In Motion is a company that generates Business to Business leads for companies and strengthens companies’ sales.

  1. What is personal data and what is ‘processing’?

Personal data is any information that we can associate with you. You share personal data with us when you are a customer with us or when you have contact with us for other reasons. For example, your name, your phone number, or your email address. But also the IP address of your computer. This concerns data that can be traced back to you as a person.

If you are a self-employed person or if you have a one-man business, a general partnership, or a partnership, then these data are also personal data, because they are directly traceable to you.

Processing is a legal term. It is also a very broad term. It concerns everything you can do with data:

collect, record, organize, store, update, modify, retrieve, consult, use, transmit, distribute, make available, bring together, correlate, blur, erase and destroy data.

  1. What personal data do Sales In Motion use?

Sales In Motion uses several categories of data.

Data for requesting and performing our services and products

When you apply for services from Sales In Motion, you provide us with data. We record this data.

This data is for example your name, address, and place of residence, e-mail address, telephone number.

Data when you have contact with Sales In Motion

We may also record information when you contact Sales In Motion. For example, when you contact Sales In Motion by phone, through our website, or through social media.

When you contact us through social media, there is a chance that you may inadvertently share with us other information in addition to the information you provide yourself. We then receive, for example, your name, profile, and interests. The data that is shared depends on the preferences that you have set yourself. Would you like more information on what data we receive and how to change your settings? Then consult the privacy policy of the social media provider.

  1. How do we get your data?

Sales In Motion may obtain your personal data in a variety of ways. In most cases, we receive information directly from you because you provide it to Sales In Motion yourself. For example, because you request information through our website or because you want to use our services.

We may also use data from public sources. We may obtain data about companies and their representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, but also from trade information agencies or through the insolvency register. In the context of customer or supplier acceptance, we may also use public information on the Internet.

We use the lead generation service of Leadinfo B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands. The tool recognizes business visits to our website based on IP addresses and shows us publicly available information, such as company names or addresses. In addition, Leadinfo places two first-party cookies to evaluate user behavior on our website and the tool processes domains from form entries (e.g. “”) to correlate IP addresses with businesses and improve services. More information is available at On this page: you have an opt-out option. If you opt out, your data will no longer be collected by Leadinfo.

  1. What do we use personal data for?

5.1 General

Sales In Motion can only perform its services properly if Sales In Motion is able to retrieve and record personal data in the process. This is necessary in order to provide targeted information about our products and services, but also for entering into and implementing agreements, for combating fraud, to comply with legal provisions, for (statistical) research into the use of the website and online services, and to improve our services. We will explain this further below.

5.2 To be able to provide our services

Sales In Motion need personal data to be able to execute our services properly. With your personal data we can, for example:

– Investigate whether you can become a customer with us;

– assess your application or change to an insurance policy or other service. The application for our services is often made digitally, through automated processing. You can always contact us about the outcome of the assessment;

– contact you or write to a counterparty on your behalf;

– put your data properly in our records and update it if there are any changes.

The lawful basis for processing your data in these cases is the contract we enter into with you.

5.3 Marketing

We like to inform our customers about our solutions. For example, through a newsletter, by e-mail, through our website, and through personalized advertisements. To do this, we use personal data. Your personal data may be used for our marketing activities. Sales In Motion has a central customer administration. The data we have received ourselves may be supplemented by public sources.

In doing so, Sales In Motion takes your preferences into account. It is important to us that we send information that is relevant to you. To that end, we collect preferences and behavioral data (“open and click behavior”) on a personal level through our commercial e-mail and newsletters. If you do not wish to receive commercial information from Sales In Motion, of course, you can. Under ‘your rights’ below you can read how to unsubscribe from receiving commercial e-mail and/or newsletters.

The lawful basis for processing data for these purposes is Sales In Motion’s legitimate interest in maintaining and increasing our customer base.

5.4 Telephone Calls

Telephone conversations may be recorded and retained by Sales In Motion for the following purposes, among others:

– sometimes it is necessary to record a conversation in order to properly record verbal agreements and to provide evidence of them;

– we record conversations for evaluating or improving the quality of services or for training, coaching, and assessment purposes.

Thus, the lawful basis for collecting this data is in some cases the contract and in other cases Sales In Motion’s legitimate interest in ensuring and improving the quality of service.

5.5 For (statistical) research and to improve services

We also use data for research, to improve products and services. We do this by combining and analyzing them. These analyses lead us to new ideas and better solutions. For example, we can:

– resolve the cause of complaints, improve pages and forms on our websites, and speed up processes;

– develop new services and improve existing ones.

When analyzing, we use only the data we need for that purpose. And we may bundle data at a certain level of abstraction (aggregate), encrypt (pseudonymize), or make it anonymous in order to limit the possible risks of using this data.

We also make different groups (profiles) of customers with the same characteristics or behavior. We can then respond to this. We choose which service best suits a group of customers. We adjust our offer accordingly.

The legitimate basis for collecting this data is the legitimate interest of Sales In Motion.

  1. Who do we have personal data from?

We process personal data from our customers. For example, because you have (had) direct or indirect contact with us. We also process data from contact persons and representatives of our business customers and from suppliers.

  1. How do Sales In Motion handle personal data?

Sales In Motion records only necessary personal data. Sales In Motion also takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from loss and misuse. Examples of security measures include logical access protection, authorization management, encryption of personal data, intensive monitoring of websites and infrastructure for security vulnerabilities, use of firewalls, and agreements with vendors about information security.

Employees of Sales In Motion and any third parties who may have knowledge of data recorded by Sales In Motion are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information. Only authorized personnel may view and edit data. This is also permitted only to the extent necessary for the adequate performance of the work.

In addition, we ensure good security. This includes user names, passwords, and control questions. And we invest in resources that protect you and us against all kinds of crime.

  1. Retention periods

Sales In Motion will keep your data no longer than necessary for the purposes for which your data was obtained and further processed unless the law requires us to keep data longer. For example, every business owner is required by law to keep their records for seven years (tax retention obligation).

The retention period used by Sales In Motion may differ for each purpose and also depends on the nature of the data. At the end of the retention period, your personal data will be removed or anonymized in such a way that it can no longer be used and is no longer accessible. We use anonymized data after the retention period only for historical, statistical, or scientific purposes.

  1. Your rights. How can you access, amend or complain about your personal data?

You may request from us to review, rectify, restrict or delete the personal data we process about you. In addition, you can object to Sales In Motion processing your data or request a transfer of your data. But also if you have given Sales In Motion permission to process your personal data and

wish to withdraw that permission.

Sales In Motion will send you a response to your request as soon as possible, but no later than one month. Sales In Motion will always let you know how the request is being handled and the outcome.

For more information or complaints about privacy, you can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (

You can also let us know that your personal data may not be used for marketing activities or withdraw your granted permission for the use of an e-mail address. This can be done via the unsubscribe form “unsubscribe commercial information”.

In addition, you can always unsubscribe from receiving commercial e-mail messages from Sales In Motion via an unsubscribe link in the message itself.

  1. Provision of Data to Third Parties

We share data with third parties only when necessary. We do so, for example, when it is necessary for Sales In Motion to perform its services, when combating insurance fraud, or when required by law and regulation.

10.1 Combating fraud and legal obligations

Only when we are required to do so by law will personal data be provided to regulators, tax authorities, and investigative agencies. In all cases, Sales In Motion will take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data as much as possible.

10.2 Supporting services

To provide our services, we use third parties, such as IT suppliers, social network providers, marketing agencies, credit card companies, and screening services. We make proper arrangements with such parties before we provide the data to them. They are obliged to protect the data and may only process it in accordance with our instructions.

10.3 Transfer to other countries

Sales In Motion may transfer personal data to other countries. We do so only when it is necessary for our services or when we are required to do so by law or regulation. Laws do not provide the same level of protection for personal data in all countries. Where necessary, Sales In Motion will ensure that adequate security provisions are in place before the data is transferred.

10.4 Other Websites

On Sales In Motion’s website, you may find hyperlinks to third-party websites. Sales In Motion cannot accept responsibility for the handling of your data by those parties. Please read the privacy statement of the relevant site, if any.

  1. Data leak

A data breach is a breach of the security of personal information. Sales In Motion is obliged to report a data leak within 72 hours to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and to those whose data belongs and/or those who use it. This obligation does not apply where the breach is not likely to pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of the individuals concerned. Data breaches are always recorded and assessed internally at Sales In Motion. In each case, it is determined what action is needed to minimize the risks to those involved as much as possible.

It is important that all data breaches that relate to personal data processed by Sales In Motion are reported and assessed at Sales In Motion so that we can take action on them. You can report data breaches at [email protected], or report to our Data Protection Officer or management.

Questions or comments

Do you have questions or comments about our privacy policy? Address them to Sales In Motion, Grindweg 82, 3055 VD in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Sales In Motion reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement, for example, due to new developments, online services, or to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. These changes will be announced on our website.

Last modified: March 2021