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company representation

If your company is looking to expand its business and have representation in the Netherlands, Belgium or elsewhere in Europe, you can trust us to help you expand your business. We have extensive experience with representing various companies from all over the world in the European market. Our management team based in Rotterdam is extremely flexible and has in-depth knowledge of doing business in Europe. Our team speaks many languages and is capable of tailoring our support to match your business sector and ambitions in many countries.

Rent a Sales Team / Executive

A dedicated, results-focused team consisting of local Dutch/European sales experts is immediately available to assist you.

“Rent-a- Sales-Team” is a European-based, full-fledged business support team by Sales In Motion. Our head office is conveniently located in the European gateway city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From here we have easy access to be able to support you with any of your business-related needs in Europe. Networking for opportunities or managing your local operations, our team’s invaluable local knowledge, experiences and resources offer significant benefits to anyone who leverages on them.


“Rent-a-Sales-team” is designed for companies of any size that have (or plan to have) business in Europe but currently do not have their own teams on the ground.


Inbound and outbound sales strategies are both crucial to a healthy, thriving business. Since leads are the lifeblood of most sales teams, receiving them in more than one way allows your company to be dynamic and flexible, easily shifting with the latest marketing trends and poised for conversions. 

We call for you, we are not afraid of calling. We are your sales representative and therefore immerse ourselves in your company, services and products. We call for you, always focused on results and conversions. MORE sales, MORE market share, MORE brand awareness, MORE customers, MORE visitors & MORE service.

DATABASE and networks

Are you looking for e-mail addresses, or are you interested in certain networks? Sales In Motion has data of more than 100,000 contact persons within 25,000 current company addresses. Because we also provide contact persons, your direct mail activities will be even more successful. As Sales In Motion also periodically updates this data, it is guaranteed to work with the most current data. This increases the return on your promotion. Please contact us and let us know who you would like to contact.

your customer service desk

Your customer service desk should be customer-oriented. At Sales In Motion we understand the value of creating value for our clients. Our service desk product is focused on the customer, whether that is an individual within the company or someone you are providing services to outside the business. We will always represent our clients positively and make sure your customers will have a smile on their face.

In these times of increased online sales, more support is often needed in customer service and sales support. Good customer service means being there for your customers when they need you. Our team of energetic and authentic sales people will speak to your customers by phone and / or email on behalf of your organization. From answering incoming phone calls and speaking to customers with questions, complaints or requests to support acquisition, we completely take care of your customers. 

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